Drummond Street


The life of this neglected bluestone church hall has been re-invigorated with the introduction of three new fit outs converting its use to residential.

The challenge presented being one of providing good natural light to each  space over the three internal levels, with little available window space. In addition, the plan form was constrained and offered little vertical inter-connectivity. The design resolution was to peel back the intermediate levels floor plate, thus providing a vertical atrium space, this allowed natural light from existing windows to penetrate all levels of the space. A further benefit was the visual connection provided throughout, this instills an air of the studio loft.

A glazed floor section at mid level  reinforces the open feel and helps to reveal from the lower levels, the existing grandeur of the space. Light from the existing tall arched church windows is captured and redistributed evenly through the space. The subtle texture of internal whitewashed bluestone walls are highlighted with floor mounted up-lighting. Views of the nearby Exhibition Buildings roof dome and pinnacle are framed by a new roof window at the third level.