Market Street

South Melbourne

Construction company Momentum approached our practice initially to consider the implementation of an interiors package for their new corporate base in Melbourne.

The building’s construction was well underway by the time we became involved with Carabolt Holt Architects responsible for the initial design layout and documentation of the structure. Fortunately for us little had yet been considered in terms of the finishes package and interior layout which afforded us the scope to unify the interior and exterior treatments to a common theme.

Both we and the client alike came quickly to the conclusion the building ought to exude the raw and expressive use of natural and recycled materials that would resonate honesty and simplicity at a human scale, this as we perceived it, being entirely consistant with the companies positive philosophical direction.

With elements such as structural connections, service runs and lighting banks revealed rather than hidden, the overall result is a tactile building to be read more as a functioning machine than a decorative corporate showpiece.